How to Set Up Your BOXT Tap

February 28, 2021


Ready to pour your first glass? Here’s how to set up your tap. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Unpack your BOXT and slide open the bottom panel.


With the bottom panel out of the way, reach in, take hold of the tap and gently push it through the opening in the front of your BOXT. Our pro tip?  Angle the bottom of the tap through first, then follow with the red top.


Slide the bottom of your BOXT closed and remove the perforated red tab from the tap.

That’s it! Push the red button, pour and enjoy your delicious new house wine.

Need to store your BOXT for the next pour? Our whites prefer the coolness of your fridge and our reds love to be out on the counter where all the action is. Cheers!


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