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Six delectable wine profiles, three whites and three reds, expertly crafted at our winery in Napa to consistently exceed your taste expectations and give you a fine wine you’ll love every single time.


We are fine wine reimagined

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Reimagining wine drinking at home based on the european tradition of table wine.

We frequently get asked why we put our wine in a BOXT and the answer is simple. It’s better that way. Better for the environment – less carbon, wine and recycling waste – and better for you. You get the equivalent of four bottles of wine with each BOXT and you can pour as much or as little as you like, whenever you like.

Profile One

Bright. Crisp. Dry.

Profile One is an easy going and inviting crisp white wine with 0% residual sugar. Refreshing and citrus forward, its uplifting lightness and dry finish will have you pouring a second glass.

Pairs well with herb roasted chicken and grilled asparagus.

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Sourced from Eastern Washington

Profile Two

Rich. Oaky. Golden.

Our beautiful Profile Two, golden in color with a fuller body than our number one, offers hints of oak and a touch of sun-ripened fruit. With 0% residual sugar, this dry white wine is sure to appeal to those who love a little buttery goodness.

Pairs well with halibut in lemon butter and butternut squash.

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Sourced from Napa Valley

Profile Three

Floral. Fruity. Sweet.

Deliciously fruity with a gorgeous floral nose, our Profile Three is alluringly golden with an enticingly sweet finish – crafted for those who relish a sweeter white as their go-to wine.

Pairs well with braised ham and a pear and pine nut salad.

We are currently sold out of Profile Three.

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Sourced from Eastern Washington

Profile Four

Soft. Vibrant. Dynamic.

If we gave our ruby-colored Profile Four a senior class superlative it would be The Crowd Pleaser. With notes of red berries and a subtle earthy vibe, four is a light bodied red with a dry finish and 0% residual sugar.

Pairs well with herb crusted king salmon and sautéed green beans.

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Sourced from The Russian River + Oak Knoll District

Profile Five

Big. Bold. Smooth.

Profile Five is a classic. Like a 1958 Corvette. Full bodied and savory, with tastes of dark fruit and spice, five is a big and complex red wine with a dry finish and 0% residual sugar.

Pairs well with barbecued beef short ribs and roasted potatoes.

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Sourced from Mt. Veeder

Profile Six

Sweet. Juicy. Velvet.

Naughty number six is luxurious, jammy and fruit-forward. Indulgent and silky sweet, this divine red wine draws you in you with its siren song of irresistible smoothness and its mouth-watering finish.

Pairs well with cider-maple pork chops and caramelized squash.

We are currently sold out of Profile Six.

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Sourced from Mt. Veeder


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