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Here at BOXT, we are disrupting the fine wine game, and we want you to be part of our start-up journey. Our Wine Entrepreneurs Club is all about sharing your love of wine – no experience needed – with your friends and family and earning an income while you do it!


Why join our Wine Entrepreneur Club?

If you love a great glass of wine, creating content, telling stories and have the entrepreneurial itch, we want you to join our community.

  • Earn up to 20% commission on initial BOXT sales
  • 5% residual commission after first qualifying BOXT sale
  • Special codes and links to share with your audience
  • Ability to unlock special bonuses + perks
  • Special partner discounts

Ready to join us? It’s easy. Click on “GET STARTED”, submit your application and a member of the BOXT team will be in touch within 2-3 days. If in the meantime you have any questions, reach out to [email protected].




Your house wine has arrived 🍷. 100% premium. 0% snob. Must be 21+ 👇 Become a member today👇

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