How to Set Up Your BOXT Tap


Ready to pour your first glass? Here’s how to set up your tap. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

BOXTIFY your playlists.

Everyone loves a good playlist and since we know that each of our profiles would listen to totally different music, we decided to have some fun. And yes, we think our profiles have their own little personalities. We just know Profile One just doesn’t listen to the same songs as Profile Four.


AUSTIN, TX, FEBRUARY 20, 2021 – Inn Cahoots and BOXT are joining forces to help Austinites in need of a hot shower and some cheer this week.

The Perfect Game Night Meal [Seasonal Pairings, Profile Six]

AUSTIN, TX, FEBRUARY 20, 2021 – Inn Cahoots and BOXT are joining forces to help Austinites in need of a hot shower and some cheer this week.

If it Snowed in Austin, This is What We’d Eat Every Night [Seasonal Pairings, Profile Five]

If it snowed in Austin, this is what we would eat every night. Nothing says winter like a hearty, savory beef stew, braised ribs and berry pie. Our delectable number five loves the bold flavors that match its own boldness, and it loves the berries too, because they bring out its softer side.

The Ultimate Cozy Up With Your Family Dinner [Seasonal Pairings, Profile Four]

Our number four is so easy going you can pair it with just about anything, but we especially love it with the earthiness of mushrooms, the richness and umami of the Marsala spices and of course, the sweetness of the decadent chocolate pie.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cheesecake, It’s All About the Water Bath [Seasonal Pairings, Profile Three]

The slight sweetness of our number three is complemented by the light heat of the ginger in the soup and the spices in the butter chicken. The medium body of this wine loves the dense richness of the cheesecake. So do we.

Some of Our Favorite Winter Comfort Foods [Seasonal Pairings, Profile Two]

What better on a winter evening than some of our favorite comfort foods? The fuller body of this wine loves the richness of the velvety soup and hearty pot pie, while the peaches in the dessert bring out its fruity notes. Don’t tell, but this might be our favorite pairing this season.

It’s Finally Fallspring In Austin [Seasonal Pairings, Profile One]

We don’t know about you, but we love winter. Then again, we live in Austin, so it’s really more like fallspring. But we still love a good warm meal on a cozy winter-for-us evening. The fresh lemon notes and lightness of the chicken and fish are a delicious compliment for our number one.

Recipe: Easy Pie Crust

This is one of the easiest pie crusts in the world to make. It was handed down from our writer’s grandmother and it’s the only pie crust she’s ever made.


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