fine wine
at home.

From our winery in Napa, straight to your door. We’re a female founded wine disrupter, curating an exceptional fine wine experience for you every month.


Your house wine has arrived

100% Premium. 0% Snob.

BOXT is a wine club on a mission to help you tap into a beautiful glass of wine at home, you know you’re going to love. We are premium winemakers crafting our wines with taste expectations in mind, giving you a wine experience you want based on what you like, not on popular opinion or fancy labels.


Subscribe and save starts at $74/mo for the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine.


Shipping is always included for subscribe and save members.


Earn rewards points (more wine for you) on all purchases, referrals and gifts.


100% happiness guarantee.


Your own personal wine concierge to give you the best BOXT experience possible.


Subscribe and save members can change their profile and pause or cancel anytime


Our wines

As much or as little as you want, when you want, without wasting a drop.

BOXT is the high-end table wine for your home. Six delectable wine profiles, three whites and three reds. Expertly crafted and curated to taste, at our very own winery in Napa.


Why boxt?

Taste over varietal.

We source premium wine from all over the world, blend it to meet YOUR taste expectations, and then deliver it directly to you, every month. With BOXT, you can stop aisle staring at an endless selection and playing eenie meenie miney moe with bottles you aren’t sure you are even going to like.


BOXT includes 3L of wine, the same as 4 bottles.


Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.


Stress-free: for a single glass without guilt.


From our winery directly to you, (no middle men) means premium wine for less.


Stays fresh and tastes great for over 30 days.


As much or as little as you like, when you like.

What our members
have to say.


“This wine is delicious, I am #2 through and through. I love the convenience, the box is beautiful, and who doesn’t need wine on their doorstep these days?”


“I am obsessed with BOXT. Love that I don’t have to debate opening a bottle or not, it’s just on tap and ready any time. Premium wine in a box, why didn’t I think of this?!”


“Number Four. All. Day. Long. It is my go-to wine with dinner, while cooking, while relaxing at the end of the day. This is NOT boxed wine like you know it. It’s clearly fine wine. It’s delicious.”


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Gift the endless bottle.



Your house wine has arrived 🍷. 100% premium. 0% snob. Must be 21+ 👇 Become a member today👇

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